Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Wishes

This week's topic is 10 Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me . I have SO many of these!

1. More Harry Potter Novels
2. Go on a Harry Potter movie tour in the UK

3 .A Huge Library in my house with a secret door (except I want mine going into the library)
4. Go on a Pride and Prejudice book/movie tour
5. Meet JK Rowling
6. To be able to read twice as fast as I do now (twice the books in a year)
7. Attend Y'All Fest
8. Attend Romantic Times conference 

 9. To have a book published
10. To sign books/arcs at BEA


michellesminions said...

Those are some fantastic wishes! I'd definitely like some new Harry Potter books! Good luck with 9 & 10!

Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

Eve said...

OMG I love yours! I want so many of these myself. How did I not think about my own book? How did I not think about the HP tour??? I could probably loophole it into one of mine.

Bogdana said...

I really hope you'll get to go on the HP tour. I went last year and it is fantastic. All of these are amazing wishes!!! Also good luck with #9 and #10.