Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Infinite In Between

Five teens meet at freshman orientation. For their project, they decide to write letters to themselves to open in four years - after graduation.

After writing the letters, they go their separate ways, but their paths wind together. Through the next four years, we witness their heartaches, romances, hopes and dreams.
My Thoughts: I loved this book - I loved following the same characters all the way through high school from the beginning to the end. I loved reading their different perspectives especially of the same situations. 

I liked how each character was so different from the strange quirky girl to the daughter of a Hollywood star, to the boy who came out to his family to the it girl who fell from Grace to the guy who obsessed over one of the girls. 

The chapters were short pulling me through the book quickly and even though it's 480 pages, I would have read more!

Cover Thoughts: Cute, I like the chalk letters
Source: BEA arc
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Final Thoughts: A fantastic read about the highs and lows of high school - that almost makes me want to go back and re-do high school. 

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