Saturday, October 17, 2015

Review: Lock and Mori

Mori and Sherlock Homes attend the same high school and meet quite by accident. Before she knows it, Sherlock seeks her out. A body turns up dead in the park near Mori's house - a place where she runs when things get out of hand at home.

Sherlock wants to spy on the police work. He scoffs at their amateur findings and suggests he and Mori dig into the death - as a game. The only rule - they have to tell each other everything they uncover. Mori's not sharing the details she uncovers. This case could become personal for her. She's not sure she wants to share that with Sherlock.
My Thoughts: I admit that I haven't delved into the Sherlock Holmes novels - I've watched different adaptations from Elementary to Robert Downey Jr and Jude Watson's movie. I really liked this Sherlock Holmes spin and I'm so curious to see where this series goes. 

My heart broke for Mori and her brothers living in that house. They dealt with so much at a young age. Mori needed an escape and Sherlock provided her with one. I like how Mori attempts to figure out Sherlock - he does have some quirky ways. I liked trying to figure out both characters as neither was very forthcoming about their actions. I really enjoyed the romance between Mori and Sherlock and I curious to see where that goes as well. The friction and tension between the two of them works very nicely. I felt the ending needed a little more explanation as I didn't quite understand Mori's reasoning. 

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: Book sent for review
Final Thoughts: An intriguing start to new series with familiar characters, secrets, and the start of a relationship that could turn into something more. If you're a Sherlock fan or if you like thrillers, add this one to your list.

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