Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mini Review: The Scam

 * Book 4 in the Fox and O'Hare series *

The Con: Take down Evan Chase for money laundering through his casinos.

The Plan: Reel him in as a partner and then flip the switch, double crossing the bad guys to get Evan Turner to turn towards Kate and Nick for help.

The Wrinkles: Evan Turner gets interested in Kate - too interested. And the entire plan goes South FAST
My Thoughts: I adore this series. It's like watching an episode of White Collar or Leverage - lots action and danger. Plus the sexual tension is classic Evanovich. I liked how Kate's father took care of things for his friend in times of trouble. 

This adventure was Hawaii Five-O crossed with Ocean's Eleven and White Collar. And it was perfect. 
Final Thoughts: It's the perfect escapism read. I'm hooked on these books. 

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