Thursday, October 22, 2015

Series Love: Calamity Janes

Five best friends have their own lives, their own problems, and their own heartache. But they all come back for their ten year high school reunion. So much has changed, but what hasn't changed is the bond of friendship between them. 

Cassie's still heartbroken from the last time she gave away her heart. Now her son's asking questions she doesn't want to answer and more importantly she doesn't want to run into his father. How will she explain the last 10 years of her life to him?

Karen and her husband own a ranch that's struggling financially. When a tragedy changes everything = Karen must decide what to do next.

Gina and her business partner own an flourishing restaurant in NYC - until he leaves with all their combined money. People are looking to her for answers, but Gina has no idea what to tell them. She especially doesn't know what to tell the lawyer that won't let her out of his sight. 

Emma's busy being the best lawyer in Denver, but she's too busy to enjoy her life. Her daughter doesn't love the long days. In fact, she'd be happier in Emma would consider moving back home. With a huge court case at home, Emma starts thinking coming home might not be a bad idea.

Lauren never thought her Hollywood life would last. Now after two divorces and several hit movies, she realizes  that something's missing. After returning home for her reunion, she's thinking seriously about moving back. She stays at ranch, helping with a spooked horse. Is she really ready to give up the spotlight?

My Thoughts: Great friendships, fantastic romances, banter and meddling, strong women, small town charm - what's not to love about this series?

Covers: Picturesque - these are the newly repackaged covers
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