Sunday, October 4, 2015

Display Ideas for October

Welcome to October. Fall hit with a vengeance of colder weather and rain here in New England. It gave me the perfect excuse to curl up with a book or two and snuggle with the puppy. One of things I miss about being a YA Librarian is making displays. So I thought maybe I'd write up a few posts about display ideas and create a monthly blog post.

October is:
* National Pizza Month
* National Diabetes Month
* National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
* Computer Learning Month
* Cookie Month
* Domestic Violence Awareness Month
* National Vegetarian Month
* Sarcastic Month

All of these don't work with teen books, but all of them have touched teen lives in their own way.

John Green's Pizza shirt

Pizza: Books similar to John Green or books that the author himself loves

symbol for diabetes

Diabetes: Characters who have diabetes

Breast Cancer Awareness library book display:

Bernardsville, NJ

Breast Cancer: Maybe characters who have been touched by cancer
Cute bulletin board!:
From Pinterest
From Pinterest Pin
Computers: Hacking or coding books

Book Bakery
Cookie: characters who bake or work in a bakery/coffee shop

Domestic Violence: Books about Abuse (I have a booklist brochure that I created - shoot me an email if you'd like it. My email address is on the book in the upper right corner of the blog)

March is national #nutrition month!
Fruits and Veggie Love
Vegetarian: Books with vegetarian characters or vegetarian cookbooks
Grumpy Cat and Happy Bunny were favorites at the library with teens
 Sarcastic: Sassy characters

And of course horror/thriller books for Halloween
Haunted House I created from cardboard for the Halloween Display at @Otis Library:
Spooky house, a volunteer and I created at the library

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Anonymous said...

I want a small poster of the Grumpy Cat quote... I'd love for kids to pretty much avoid me :p
- Krys