Sunday, November 1, 2015

Display Ideas: November

Welcome to November. Fall hit with a vengeance of colder weather and rain here in New England. It gave me the perfect excuse to curl up with a book or two and snuggle with the puppy. One of things I miss about being a YA Librarian is making displays. So I thought maybe I'd write up a few posts about display ideas and create a monthly blog post.

November is:
National Write a Novel Month
Aviation History Month
Adoption Awareness Month
Native American Heritage Month

National Write a Novel Month:
Books with main characters as writers or books written during this time and published afterwards

Aviation History Month
Main characters who fly planes - don't forget the nonfiction books too!

Adoption Awareness Month
Graphic from:

Main characters who are adopted

Native American Heritage Month
Image from:
Main Characters who are Native Americans
November Dates:
November 7th is National Book Lovers Day
(create a display of books you recently loved)
November 11th: Veteran's Day
(books with YA characters involved in War)
November 20th Mockingjay Part 2 release date
If You Like Hunger Games, try these books

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