Monday, November 23, 2015

Review: Afterworlds

Darcy wrote a novel during National Write a Novel Month, Then she found herself an agent and a fantastic publishing deal. Now she's decided to defer going to college and move to NYC to ease into the publishing world.

Her parents aren't thrilled with her decision, but she's not backing  down. She has enough money from the sale of her book to live comfortably for three years - until she blows a bunch of money on rent and food.

On her first night in the city, Darcy attended a drink night with other YA authors. She's taken a liking to them and they've helped her navigate through the waters of the writing business. 
My Thoughts: I love how the chapters alternate between Darcy's life and Darcy's YA novel. I loved reading about the business side of writing and how Darcy took her NaNoWriMo novel and created something amazing - even though she had to push herself for the right emotional ending.

I liked the romance between Darcy and Imogen - although there were times when I wasn't Imogen's biggest fan. 

I liked the conversations between the writers when they all go together - to talk about their work or someone else's work.

I really loved Nisha - she was supportive, funny, sweet, and mischievous. 

I really enjoyed Darcy's novel and yes that first chapter was a killer chapter.

Cover Thoughts: I liked it much more after reading
Source: ARC
Final Thoughts: A long fantastic read about writing, the love of books, and love.


Cee Arr said...

Sounds really interesting - I've been meaning to read more Scott Westerfeld books after I read The Secret Hour and really enjoyed it. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one.

AngelErin said...

Wow this sounds great!