Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Thursday Review: Winter Street

The Quinn's Christmas doesn't go as planned when Kelley and Mitzi's marriage collapses. It changes everything as everyone examines their relationships. Are they working? Do they need something more?  When everything starts to crumble, who will pick up the pieces? Can Christmas be saved?

My Thoughts: This isn't your typical Christmas romance book; it's more of a book that celebrates the season through reality. I like how it made me think of the relationships in my life (I even dreamed about big family gatherings). I liked how it takes place over just a few days leading up to Christmas and Christmas Day. While I like how everything took a deeper look at their relationships, I wish that this book ended on a different note. I hope there's a sequel coming, because I want to know how it all turns out. While I went into this book with the wrong perception, I really enjoyed it.

Side Note: When talking with a co-worker about this book, she mentioned that some of these characters have popped up on the author's previous works. I wish I had known that...

Cover Thoughts: Beautiful
Source: BEA book 2014

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