Friday, December 12, 2014

Review: Shattered

* Book 2 in the Scorched trilogy *
Trinity's on the run with her two friends, her grandfather, and her dragon.  Emmy doesn't like being cooped up, but there's nothing Trinity can do. She wants to keep her dragon safe.

Trinity doesn't know that Caleb's been letting Emmy out at night for short flights. While out flying, Emmy meets a girl in danger. Emmy helps heal her and in the process gets caught on camera.

Everything Trinity's worked for goes up in smoke when the video goes vial and Emmy's spotted in public.  Both the media and the government are ruthless at discovering the whereabouts of Emmy and  Trinity. Can they stay one step ahead of will their future go up in flames?
My Thoughts: A great sequel filled with lots of action and danger. Bed choices set off a chain of reactions that no one has the power to stop. Trust and loyalty are both called in question.  Trinity's not sure who to trust - and that includes Emmy. It's heart-breaking and it made my heart pound. So many things happen in this book that make me long for the next book immediately to see how it all turns out!

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library

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