Friday, December 5, 2014

Review: Harry Potter and the Art of Spying

The Harry Potter series isn't just a story of Good vs Evil or friendships and family or loyalty; it's also a spy story.

The first part of the book described several of the stories and their best spy moments - including spy techniques and spy terminology. The invisibility cloak, the Marauder's Map,  house passwords, open spies, and of course the  Weasley's twins Extendable Ears and other inventions were fully discussed. The second part of the book outlines the various types of spies and why some people become spies.  The final part of the book took the characters from the book and explained why they became spies - was it for love or adventure or a sense of duty?
My Thoughts: I confess, I never thought of Harry Potter as a spy story. Sure there are plenty of elements of spying, but I never consciously thought about it before. So when I was approached to read this one, I was intrigued. I love a good spy story and this book was great for fans of Harry Potter.

Of course, there was much discussion on Snape (hailed to be the best double agent ever - and I think I have to agree on that.) I liked the personal touches inserted into the story from the two authors, both of whom have spy backgrounds. 

I confess that reading this book made me want to re-read the entire Harry Potter series. A great read for fans who are missing Harry Potter.

Cover Thoughts: I really like it.
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