Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Review Week: Cold as Ice


 * Book 6 in the Whatever After series *

Abby and her brother have a habit of messing up Fairy Tales and they've promised their parents they won't go into the basement (where the magic mirror is) again at night.  When their puppy Prince escapes Jonah's room and goes through the mirror, the siblings have no choice but to rescue him.

They land in snow and before long, Abby realizes they've been transported to the Snow Queen's story.  Soon they discover that Prince has been captured and frozen. They need to find a way to save both the story and rescue their dog.
My Thoughts: Technically, this one isn't a Christmas story, but it's set in a frozen winterland, plus it centers on the feelings of friendship.  You can feel the cold seeping in through your bones while reading this one - so it's perfect for curling up in front of the fire.  I felt bad for the characters who were lonely or who were forced into doing things they didn't want to do. Friendships were broken and made. I love how Abby realized the importance of true friendship and how people might drift in and out of our lives, but they will always be friends. I like the ending between the two girls in the fairy tale and how they used their power in a different way. Plus that ending with Abby and Johan left me wanting the next book immediately!

Cover Thoughts: Cute! I love the trees in the background.
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