Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mysterious Saturday Review: Model Undercover

* Book 1 in a New Series * 
Axelle wants to solve mysteries, but her parents don't approve. Instead, they're sending her to Paris to visit her aunt for Fashion Week where she'll be a minion for her aunt. Axelle isn't the least bit interesting in the world of fashion - that is until one of the top designers goes missing.

Axelle knows that she could solve the case if only given the opportunity, especially once she realizes the police aren't looking into the family curse. She crashes a meeting and gets a top model on her side. With a little work, Axelle makes a splash in the fashion world. She uses her new fame to question everyone who might have known about the curse. Can she walk the runway and solve the crime before her parents come to visit?
My Thoughts: A great start to a new series with a feisty heroine who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to think outside the box. I liked how even though Axelle entered the fashion world, she didn't let it turn her head; she still kept her own ideas and she still wore the clothes that suited her. I liked both of her friends and how they researched the past to help solve the mystery in the present. I certainly wasn't expecting that ending, but I love the set-up for the next book in New York.

Cover Thoughts: Cute!
Source: My Library

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