Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Week Review: The Lodge on Holly Road


* Book 6 in the Icicle Falls series *

James used to play Santa Claus with a happy heart, but it's been a year since he lost his wife and his Christmas Spirit. His daughter planned a surprise for him. James and his two children will be spending Christmas in Icicle Falls.  At first, James can't bear the idea of it, but soon he warms up to the idea. It doesn't hurt that the woman who runs the inn knows what he's been going through. He enjoyed spending time with her and hopes that she likes him too. 

The inn brings out the Christmas spirit for all the families staying there, especially for the kids. Two adorable kids have big wishes this year.  One man's going to propose to his girlfriend and has everything planned perfectly - if only she would arrive. Could it be the best Christmas for everyone at the Inn?
 My Thoughts: I adore this small town series and love seeing characters from previous books. I loved learning more about the Lodge and seeing the guests: from the older librarian type ladies to the small adorable kids (who are a handful), to the families. Lots of love and laughter for the holidays, but also some tears and trials. I loved watching people play in the snow. I loved the two kids - who were no double a handful. Most of all, I loved watching everyone connect. A delightful read just perfect for the season.

Cover Thoughts: Perfection - I love the mountains in the background.
Source: My Library

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