Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesdays: TV Shows

This week's topic is types of TV shows. I watch a fair amount of TV shows, but besides a couple (like Big Bang Theory), I realize they mostly fall into one type: Police/Crime procedures. I guess that isn't surprising since I read a lot of cozies. So here are my favorites.




Covert Affairs


Rizzoli and Isles


Person of Interest

Blue Bloods


And even though it ended:



Elizabeth Rodriguez said...

I'm horrible at series! I watch only a few and most of them are comedies, except for Bones (at least we have something in common!) Great list :)

Liza’s TTT

Ouachita Parish Public Library said...

I haven't seen ANY of those TV shows/

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is super obsessed with the Blacklist but I just can't get into it. :/

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

I saw the beginning and end of Blacklist...I need to catch up on the middle!

I haven't seen the others. I don't watch that much TV. I'm still a season behind on Orphan Black and Legend of Korra!

Irish said...

I love Police/Crime procedurals too! Really need Netflix or Amazon Prime to get Blacklist & Person of Interest streaming rights so I can get caught up. I also am still sad at Leverage, such a good show.

Did you ever watch Flashpoint? You might enjoy it.

My TTT is here.

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

I've only seen a few episodes here and there for Castle and Bones (and loved them). I definitely need to marathon both :)

Great top ten!

Melody Simpson said...

Love so many of these! Especially Leverage!

Hafsah Faizal said...

24! That's the only one I know out of that list, but I lovvvve that. Great list!