Friday, July 18, 2014

SummerTime Review: Wish You Were Italian

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Pippa's annoyed with her family shipping her off to Italy for the summer - for an art history program. She's not even interested in art history. Her father feel guilty and slips her some extra cash, which she finds when she lands.

When she finds the money, Pippa decides to be a little reckless and stay in Rome for a few nights. Then, after meeting a girl in the bakery and a boy at a gelato stand, she decides to ditch the program all together.

The girl from the bakery takes her home to meet her family. The family invites her in, gives her a place to stay and offers to show her the sights.  When her new friend Chiara travels to her aunt's house, Pippa goes along too.

Pippa's happy to be seeing more of the countryside - and to meet some hot guys, especially Chiara's cousin. Before she left home, Pippa and her BFF made of list of things she wants to do while in Italy. And falling for for a hot Italian guy is on the list. Pippa knows it's just a matter of time before her family uncovers the truth, but until then, she's determined to have the time of her life.
My Thoughts: I loved this book - for the travel descriptions: the sights and the food. I loved the romance - even though there was a love triangle, I really liked the final result. I loved how Pippa met Chiara and how they fell into an easy friendship. I confess I would have liked going to the art history program (but that's just me.) I loved seeing all the art and architecture there and long to go back and explore more. I also really enjoyed the connection Pippa had with her grandmother: sweet, honest, and refreshing. A great summer book if you're longing for a vacation, but can't get away. You don't have to leave home to be transported to Italy.

Cover Thoughts: Love it

Fun Fact: I traveled to Italy several years ago, so I could easily place myself in Pippa's shoes. Here are a few photos from my trip.

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