Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Owned Authors

This week's topic is Most Owned Authors - and I confess, this list would have been different a month ago, but I did a purge of some books and gave some to the library as my bookshelves were overflowing. Also the list only accounts for the books currently in my collection and now any that are currently being read by others.

Meg Cabot: 12 books

LM Montgomery: 10 Books

JK Rowling: 7 Books

Jane Austen: 7 Books 

Sarah MacLean: 7 Books

Tera Lynn Childs: 7 Books
Maria V Snyder: 7 Books

Jennifer Lynn Barnes: 6 Books

Debbie Macomber: 5 Books

Michael Scott: 5 Books 


Hannah said...

Is that you in the photographs with the authors? You've met so many, you must have a lot of signed books!

Hannah @ Girl That Loves Books

Jenni Elyse said...

Great idea to include pictures of the authors and pictures of you with the ones you met.

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Ouachita Parish Public Library said...

OMG! You got to meet Michael Scott! I'm so jealous! I'm working on his series right now!

La Coccinelle said...

I have ten L. M. Montgomery books on my list, too!

Jennifer Rummel said...

@Hannah - yes, I have a fabulous bookstore about 45 minutes away. Plus some of these authors I've had at the library. A few others I've seen at book conferences. It's amazing to meet so many!