Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review: Year of Luminous Love

Three best friends graduate high school and start thinking about the future.  

Ciana wants to hold on to her family farm, go to college, and fall in love. When she meets a guy at a club, she realizes it could lead somewhere.

Unfortunately it's the same guy her BFF Arie's been crushing over for years. When Arie spots him again, her crush returns full force. Ciana doesn't want to tell Arie about her crush - not when Arie is finally in remission and deserves every happiness.

Both Ciana and Arie are concerned about Eden and her relationship with Tony. He might have rescued her once, but he's bad news. Ciana takes matters into her own hands to spread a little happiness among her BFFs.
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book about three friends trying to figure out their future plans after high school. I used to read a lot of Lurlene McDaniel books in middle school. I haven't read her in a while and it brought me back. I loved the trip to Italy and how they explored the country together. I liked their friendship and how they were there for each other. I'm glad that Eden was able to get away and enjoy her time, although I felt bad for her mother. I liked how this book talked about deeper issues: cancer, cutting, abusive relationship, and parental failures - but at the same time, it wasn't too dark and there were plenty of light moments. A great book on friendship, loyalty, and taking a chance on love.

Cover Thoughts: Ok
Source: My Library

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