Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mysterious Saturday Review: Diva Wraps it Up

 * Book 8 in the Domestic Diva series* 
The holiday season is Sophie's favorite time of year - that is until this year. During an office parry, a friends falls from his balcony. He's taken to the hospital where they discover he's been taking too many blood thinners.  It's lucky he fell because the doctors caught it just in time.

Another neighbor falls off the roof and the ladder looks suspicious. It may have been tampered with.  Someone else is almost electrocuted while hanging up Christmas lights; the wires look frayed. What is happening around the neighborhood - is it just a string of bad luck or something more sinister?
My Thoughts: I wasn't sure about reading a holiday book so early. Even though I love them, I usually start reading them starting in October. But this actaully made me start thinking about Christmas and I created this canvas of pictures. 

I really enjoyed this book - from the decorating to baking the cookies to visiting the toy store. Even though the neighborhood had issue after issue, they did their best to remain cheerful and helpful. I like how Sophie and Nina reached out to Mrs Scorggins. As always Natasha is over the top - but so much fun to read. Everyone seems to have a secret - that's not staying secret for long. A great addition to this charming series.

Cover Thoughts: Love it
Source: My Library

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