Monday, July 28, 2014

Review: Chapel Wars

Holly's grandfather dies and leaves his wedding chapel to her in his will. She's 16, but loves the chapel. At first, she's beyond happy, but then she learns the truth.

The chapel's in serious financial difficulty. Holly must make some hard choices - offering services that her grandfather refused in hopes of getting out from under debt and keeping the chapel.

On top of that, she's fallen for the grandson of her family's worst enemy.  Dax is amazing and perfect for Holly. She knows she can't keep their relationship a secret. She's terrified to lose anything else, but can she really juggle everything?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this contemporary read. I felt bad for Holly - losing her beloved grandfather. That happened to me in high school and it's not easy to forget. I like how she made the hard choices in order for the chapel to survive, including her inventive ways to make more money. Dax was a great distraction - showing him around Vegas in hopes of changing his mind about the city, which was a great way to show off the normal side of the city. I loved Holly's friends and how she was one of the guys. Walking the tightrope of balancing grief and hope, The Chapel Wars explores a range of emotions following the death of a loved one.

Cover Thoughts: Love it
Source: My Library

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