Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mysterious Saturday Review: Top Secret 21

 Jimmy Poletti's famous for selling cars, but that's not all he was doing. His illegal activities get him arrested. Since he missed his court date, it's Stephanie's job to track him down.

As she looks for him, she starts finding bodies of his poker friends. Soon the leads dry up and her only lead is that someone wants to kill Randy Briggs.

Briggs hangs out with Stephanie during the day and sleeps on her couch at night. As much as he annoys her, Stephanie uses him as bait.

Plus, Ranger's life is in serious danger and he needs Stephanie's help to smoke out his would be assassin.
My Thoughts: I really look forward to these books and devour them when they come out. I know I need to set aside a chunk of undisturbed time because I want to read them in one sitting. As usual, the danger and the action kept me turning the pages along with the humor and the romantic tension.

Fun: I was lucky enough to attend a Stephanie Plum event as a kick-off for the book. I'm a huge fan of this series and loved meeting Janet Evanovich again.

Here are some photos:

Janet and the moderator talking onstage.
They talked about 
1. Grandma Mazur's bucket list (which is hilarious and a fantastic part of the book)
2. Janet's writing schedule and how it got thrown off when her son became really sick (he's good now)
3. If Stephanie ages at all during the book series - she doesn't
4. If Stephanie will ever choose between the two men - which would kind of end the series
5. How Janet plans never to stop writing the series as long as people want to read them
6. The movie and if there were any more plans for more - there aren't plans for movies, but some TV options are in the works, which would be Fantastic!
7. Janet talked about her romance books and how she thought of herself as a failed romance writer
8. She mentioned that the first Plum book was darker and her editors asked her to lighten the second book
9. She talked about growing up in the burbs and how characters in her book mirror people she knows in real life.
10. She also talked about her writing process with co-authors.

Morelli and Ranger 

I'm a Ranger fan. Plus these amazing book cupcakes.

And finally us together! 

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