Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters on a deserted island

So this week's topic is characters you'd want with you on a deserted island...and mine might be a little different than others. And I didn't quite make it to 10.

Hermoine - to talk about books, her magical bag, and her amazing magical skills.
Princess Mia - surely Genovia will send people looking for her
Katniss - she could catch food, if all else failed
Kat Bishop (Heist Society) - if anyone could find a way off the island, it would be her
Sera (Deep Blue) - she might be able to find us a way off the island by way of water
Gilbert - you do need a guy on the island and I believe he was my first book boyfriend
Artemis Fowl - with his smarts, he could also find a way off the island

Plus, a dog. Because you always need a dog. Right now I'm blanking on a dog character (one that doesn't die), but it's important to have a dog.


Tessa G. said...

I would love to have a dog on the island with me too. I would probably take Winn Dixie, considering he is one of the only dogs who does not end up dying.
Great list!

Anonymous said...

Love your list. I have Hermione and Katniss on my list too. Princess Mia is a great choice!

Ouachita Parish Public Library said...

This is the first blog that I've seen that says Artemis Fowl, but that's a good one! And I think have a dog would be great for moral and comfort!


La Coccinelle said...

You're right... I can't think of a good dog character that doesn't die, either! That's pretty sad.

Hermione is a good one. I totally forgot about the Harry Potter characters when I was making my list.

Anonymous said...

Princess Mia would be a good friend to have. I have Suze from Meg Cabot's Mediator series on mine. I think we'd have fun tanning on the island together.