Friday, July 25, 2014

SummerTime Review: Open Road Summer

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  Reagan's made some bad choices recently, but she's excited to go on tour with her BFF Dee. Dee, known to the world as Lilah Montgomery, is the hottest country star around. Dee's nursing a broken heart of her own.

When a scandalous looking picture emerges of Dee and her ex-boyfriend, Dee's torn up. Reagan does her best to help her friend, but it's almost impossible to cheer her up. The record label decides to add a wholesome opening act in hope of sparking romance rumors in the tabloids.

Dee and Matt are interested in each other - they're almost like brother and sister. The more time Reagan spends with Matt, the stronger her feelings for him grow. Could this be the start of something?

My Thoughts: OMG - I loved this book, a perfect debut novel. I'm a fan of country music - I like how many of the songs tell a story, so I enjoyed the moments where Dee and Matt wrote together and reading the lyrics.  I love the friendship between Dee and Reagan - the love, the laughter, and the loyalty. I love how the walls come down and they make each other stronger. While I would never want to be famous, I liked how you saw an inside look at fame and how it takes control over your life. I loved the "in the moment" scene and the banter between Reagan and Matt. The book looks up to all the buzz, it's beautiful and fantastic. Go Read it if you haven't!

Cover Thoughts: Love it!
Source: Sent for review (Thanks Anna!)

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