Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

This week's topic is blogging confessions....so here we go.

1. I'm much more personable online and very shy in person

2. I rarely review books I don't like. True story: I agreed to read/review a book and it was a huge struggle to get through it. It wasn't my kind of book. I gave it to a girl at the library and she loved it. So, even if the book isn't my cup of tea, it doesn't mean it's a bad book - just not the book for me.

3. Unless there's something wrong with the  book - like that Stats book with the complete lack of women's stats (10 in the whole book) -I wanted to warn other readers. Book Rage.

4. I hate the term book cheerleader

5. But Since I really only write positive (ok - gushing reviews) I guess I am one.

6. I read more romance books that I blog about - I'm thinking about doing a larger post with several mini reviews.

7. I'm bad at commenting on blogs, although I've been trying harder. I usually do pretty good on Top Ten Tuesdays posts - but the rest of the time, I fail at it.

8. I'm getting better though, when I see a post on Twitter and read it, I'm more likely to comment on it.

9. I really do love getting comments on the blog - who doesn't?

10. Most of my facebook posts are blog related. I'm not sure if that makes me real life boring or just more private...


Jazmen ThisGirlReadsAlot said...

I'm definitely more personable online than in my actual life. I find it so much more easier to say what I want where I know no one can really judge me. :)

Lakin Higgins said...

I I'm also much more personable online than in actual life! I'm also really picky about the books I read so that I'm pretty sure I'll like them and will be able to write an honest review (though I will be honest), I just don't want to read something that I don't even think I'll like! I definitely think that books that I don't want to read are good books, just not for me.

Ouachita Parish Public Library said...

I want to understand why you hate the term book cheerleader? Also, I've never heard it what's the story on it?