Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Children's Book: The Zoo is Closed Today

Without much to do, John and Sue walk to the zoo. They're surprised to find it closed. All the animals are sick. After learning about their illnesses, the two feel bad for the animals and sadly leave the zoo, waiting until the animals are better before they meet again.
My Thoughts: This book is simply charming. Sweet, Funny, and Adorable. The wording flows and the illustrations are amazing - the prefect combination for a wonderful imaginative book. I can't wait to share this one!

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
Source: Sent for review

Also in the package was a fantastic looking Petting Zoo memory game and this book:
While counting the animals that come to stay in the zoo, each page spread introduces a new animal in alphabetical order. It's clever and funny. The minimal art works really well - adding humor and fun to the book. 

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