Thursday, May 1, 2014

Adult Review: Cavendon Hall

The Inghams call Cavendon Hall home as do the Swann family who serve them. The Swann family motto, Loyalty Binds Me, makes the Swanns protect the family in any way possible. They're not about to start breaking that oath now.

As World War One nears, life changes for the family. First comes the startling news of what happened to Lady Daphne in the woods. She hesitates to tell her family the truth, but realizes it's not a secret to be ignored.  Gossip becomes reality as the country declares war on other European nations. The house much change to keep up wit the times, but will change mean the loss of traditions?
My Thoughts: Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey, this book sweeps through the years leading up to the war and the aftermath of the war, centering around two families. Both the upstairs and the downstairs family deal so much during the season and throughout the war.  I confess, my heart belongs to the Swann family, although I like the Inghams too, especially the daughters. The youngest daughter is my favorite - she's so cheeky. I loved Cecily and her fashion design. I wouldn't mind a book about her and her shop. A great novel about a large estate with family drama, secrets, betrayals, jealously, love, and coming of age.

Cover Thoughts: Love it
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Jessica said...

I keep eyeballing this one at work...I'm hoping to get to it this summer. I need it in my Downton withdrawl!