Monday, May 19, 2014

Adult Review: The Blonde

What if everything you knew about Marilyn Monroe was a lie? What if she was a Russian spy and her affair with JFK was a set-up? How did she come to spy for the Russians and what kind of information about the President did she pass along?
My Thoughts: From an historical point of view, this was a fascinating read on the life of Marilyn Monroe. I liked learning more about her life and how Anna Godbersen (A YA author with her first adult novel) mixed her public life with her private one. It's a bold look at Hollywood and spies during the Cold War. While this smart woman used her feminine ways to get the job done, she also naive in some ways and smart in other ways - making her a complex character.  I enjoyed reading this book especially the plot twist at the end. 

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: Sent for review

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cleemckenzie said...

Now that sounds like a great twist on history. Hmm. It's quite possible, too. This one has my attention.