Thursday, May 15, 2014

Upcoming Book Review: Just Like the Movies

Prom season's coming up and the boys are starting to get creative with asking their dates. Marijke can't wait to see how her boyfriend will ask her. She's also still waiting for him to use the L word - his action speaks volumes, but she wants to hear him say it.

Lily's mother is always looking for romance and it sours Lily's view. Not to mention the one guy Lily's crushing over doesn't know she's alive. After her mother bails on their girl night for a guy, she spots a movie theater showing Titanic.

After a fight with her boyfriend, Marijke also ends up at the theater - crying. They end up ditching the movie and going for coffee where they talk for the first time, confiding in each other. A plan is born - one worthy of Hollywood. They will use Hollywood scenes to help them achieve their goals. 
My Thoughts: I love this book - for the Hollywood angle and the movie references. I love that they watched movies to try to figure out the best tricks/tips to use. I loved how Marijke took a long hard look at her relationship to see why things weren't the way she wanted and why she was insecure in it. I loved the paintball scene. I really liked Lily and how she wanted something better for her mother, but at the same time, she's so mad at her mother. I loved how Lily and Marijke became friends. Kelly Fiore is an author to watch - her debut novel Taste Test was one of my favorite reads last year and her sophomore book hit it out of the park. I love her books and can't wait to read what she comes up with next.

Cover Thoughts: Loved it
Source: Won an ARC
Publication Date: July 22nd

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cleemckenzie said...

This sounds like a contemporary story that will resonant with teens and maybe some parents, too.