Monday, May 12, 2014

Review: Everything Leads to You

As a production designer, Emi spends hours looking for the exact piece to make the room come together. When a screen legend dies, she has the opportunity to look through his belongings. She purchases a few items, in which Emi finds a letter from the actor to his daughter.

It’s a heart wrenching letter and Emi decides to track her down. She learns the daughter died years ago, but was survived by her own daughter. Between finishing high school, working on a movie, and figuring out her love life, Emi leads a busy life, but she’s not about to let this opportunity to pass her by. It turns out to be a great decision, because what she finds will change her life.
My Thoughts: This one could be a New Adult book as it takes place just as high school is ending, but focuses a lot on Emi's job. It's a beautifully written novel that discusses a number of issues, but never makes those the main focus of the book. I confess I don't read many LGTBQ books, but I devoured this one. I loved the love story, the Hollywood angle, and the friendship between Emi and Charlotte. I liked how Emi's brother made her promise to do something Epic with his apartment as he let her live there while he filmed a movie on location. I loved reading about Emi putting together sets from the movies and finding the right pieces.  A fantastic teen romance.  

Cover Thoughts: I love the softness of the cover and the skyline in the background
Source: Sent for review for Voya

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