Thursday, May 22, 2014

BEA tips (5)

Last year I ran a series of advice on things I learned from attending Book Expo America and this year I'll add to it. I'm officially going and I'm super excited about it!

It's a week away! Get your face out there

A lot of peoples' names I might not recognize, but I know your blog name. Add your blog name to your name tag. Or your twitter handle.  I spend a lot of time reading people's name tags. 

Add a photo of yourself to your blog. 

Confession: Online, I'm much more out-going, but in person I'm pretty shy. There are times that I feel silly going up tom someone and starting a conversation because I know them online. 

I'm trying my best to get over that. I know that it's a book expo and everyone there loves books just as much as I do, so it shouldn't be hard...but it is. 

This is me (my hair is a little shorter now), say Hi if you see me, and I'll promise to do the same!


Unknown said...

This is my first year going to book expo. I'm really excited, but like you, it's not easy for me to go up to someone and start talking to them. It's nice to have that in common with someone. Are you going to the bloggers conference too?

Jennifer Rummel said...

Not this year - Kym. I did go one year and also one year to the SLJ Day of Dialogue.