Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BEA tips (4)

Last year I ran a series of advice on things I learned from attending Book Expo America and this year I'll add to it. I'm officially going and I'm super excited about it!

Inside BEA:
Do: Take pictures with your favorite authors or bookish friends
Do: Stop your favorite authors on the floor to chat for a minute
Do: Chat with people in line near you, odds are you'll be seeing them in lines for the next few days
Do: Have a book with you, sometimes the lines are really long
Do: Pack some food/snacks. While there is food in the center, it's usually fast food and pretty pricey. Snacks will give you more time before the hangry feeling sets in
Do: Bring a rolling suitcase to check (Cost $3, but worth it)
Do: Have the best time ever! 

Don't: Forget that the wireless is crap in the building - turn it off so your phone battery doesn't die.
Don't: Grab more than one of the same ARC - even if there's a huge pile. 
Don't: Push your way through the crowds to grab an ARC (politeness is always welcome)
Don't: Stop in the middle of the aisle to chat, it blocks people 

Outside BEA:
I don't know how people have the energy for this because at the end of the day (including the fabulous publisher parties and whatnot), I'm exhausted and just want to collapse in my room. But afterwards, I see people's blog talking about extra touristy things they did, places they visited, and shops they went to. I'm always jealous and amazed by these posts.

I would love to venture out more. Usually I stick pretty close to my hotel area, but maybe this year, I'll see something new.

Last year (and hopefully this year), I'll make a stop at Crumbs for some delicious treats!

So figure out your priorities and do what's right for you. 


Jessica said...

Jen, I'm going on Fri and Sat this year...we should totally try to hang out! I miss seeing you.

Jennifer Rummel said...

YES! Hope to see you on Friday - because I miss you too!