Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tween Tuesday Review: Eddie Red Undercover

After Eddie and his dad witness a fight in an alley, he draws the perp's face perfectly, gaining the admiration of the police department. The next day, they offer him a job.

They don't tell him any details of the case, but they set him up in various art museums around the city. He's posing as an art student, but his main job is to use his photographic memory to remember faces. Once he gets home, he draws those faces.

As time goes on, Eddie becomes Frustrated with the lack of progress made on the case. Soon they might abandon it all together. Eddie can't let that happen, so he sneaks a look at the file in the detective's desk.  He works with his friend to figure out the case. Could he be on to something?
My Thoughts: The start of a new mysteries series with a young main protagonist who is smart, curious and impulsive (which often gets him into trouble.) I like that Eddie's illustrations are included in the book. I like him and his hyper but really smart friend Jonah. I like how Jonah took matters into his own hands to come up with an answer. I loved the art /photographic memory angle. A fun book with puzzles, drawings, danger, and action.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: The library

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