Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: QB1

Jake's always lived in his brother's shadow. Last year, Wyatt won the state title as the quarterback. Being a QB runs in the family - like father, like son. As Jake begins his freshman year of high school, he knows he's not the team's first string quarterback.

When the senior QB goes down in the first game and ends up out for the season, it's up to Jake and Casey to battle for the spot on the team. Jake knows that he has the mental game, but his throws don't always pack the heat.  Casey has a heck of an arm, but he also has a way of showing the defense his movie.  Can Jake up his game enough to make the top spot and finally get out from his brother's shadow?
My Thoughts: From the first sequence of the book, I was hooked. I felt terrible for Jake - because of his shadow, because of his lack of confidence in himself, and because of this father's behavorio. Nothing he did seem to be good enough to capture his father's attention. I really enjoyed the loyalty and friendship for his teammates Bear and Nate. It's clear these boys think about football all the time, but they're observate on other details too. A fantastic sports novel filled with tension, drama, and action both on and off the field.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library

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