Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: What I Thought Was True

For the official start of summer, here's a perfect summer book:

Gwen Castle lives on an island of the coast of Connecticut. The island's divided by year rounders and those summer people. Instead of working at her father's restaurant, she has an opportunity to make more money working as a companion for a older lady.

Gwen decides to take the job because she want more for herself than this island. She doesn't want to be a cleaning lady like her mother. She doesn't want her father's restaurant. She's not sure what she wants, but she believes she's not going to find it on this island.

This summer's different - she argues with her friends, maintains politeness at her boss, worries about her future, and falls for a summer guy.
My Thoughts: A fabulous summer read about coming to terms with yourself and everyone else. I loved the island feel and the moments by the water. I felt bad for all the secrets, but in sharing them, they made everyone stronger. I really liked Mrs. Ellington (I kind of want to be like her when I'm that age).  I really liked Emory - especially the moments between him and Cass. I liked the romantic tension between Gwen and Cass.  I liked how they circled the relationship - between the past and the present. I liked the slow unveil of what happened between the two of them and between other boys and Gwen. The portrayal of sex in this book was realistic and frank with the characters trying to figure out what everything means and how it works for their relationship.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
Source: My Library

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