Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Taste Test

Nora's Dad owns a BBQ joint and Nora's been working there forever. When her BFF suggests that she audition for the Taste Test- a reality cooking show for teens, neither of them expect her to make it.

Now she's leaving home for the semester, joining the team of cooks. Nora's Southern roots show. She's not like the drama queens or chef royalties. She wants to win the scholarship to the Internationals School of Cuisine in Paris - and unlike some contestants, she can't afford to pay her way.

Soon, Nora's going head to head with her snobby roommate and her arrogant friend. Nora tries to stay away from them, but Christian has a way of getting under her skin. The two of them heat up the ratings with their banter. Could something else be brewing?
My Thoughts: LOVED this book and devoured it. I didn't want to stop reading it. I liked the drama of the cameras and the reality show. I loved the tension between Nora and Christian. I loved when they cooked together. I really enjoyed Nora's Southern ways and how she stuck to her roots. I liked the mystery of the sabotage on set. I loved the set-up of the book with interviews and scores from the show interspersed with the story. A fantastic debut novel; I can't wait to read more from Kelly Fiore. 

Cover Thoughts: Sure cute
Source: My Library

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