Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Books I'm Dying to Read: January Edition

Here's a list of books I can't wait to get my hands on come January! 

Queen's Choice: Love the cover and this book of faeries and the journey to find the heir sounds great. 
Cruel Beauty: the tagline: Graceling meets Beauty and the Beast = sold.

Uninvited: A genetic testing reveals a murder gene. Is Davy really dangerous?
Offering: Excited read the ending of this trilogy which has been great so far.

Lost Planet: A boy with a mission is running out of time
Rule of Three: Survival story as the computers are targeted - sounds like a cross between Die Hard 4 and Life as We Knew It

Home of the Braised: Love this series. The Secretary of Defense is found dead right before an important State dinner. 
That Old Black Magic:  Piper Donovan heads for New Orleans for a pastry class and a potential role in a movie - when a murder happens.

Breath of Frost: Regency Witched (enough said)
Vitro: Sophie's looking for her mother - a scientist on a island full of danger, people from test tubes, and a deadly secret. 

Going Rogue: sequel to Also Known As - where Maggie has to clear her parents' name.
See Jane Run: Riley's being sent secret messages about her past - messages that could ruin everything

Monster Chefs: Looks super fun!
Dare the Wind: A book about a woman sailor - Ellen Prentiss breaking records.

Duck Duck Moose: The ducks are trying to put together a party, but moose keeps getting in the way.
The Night Before My Birthday: Birthdays! Who doesn't love that?

Home to Seaview: Love Sheryl Woods - looking forward to a new series by one of my favorite adult authors. 

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