Sunday, November 24, 2013

Adult Review: True Spies

* Sequel to Lord and Lady Spy

Lady Elinor Keating is tired of her husband. He's absent more often than not and he's terrible at keeping his promises. She wants more. She contemplates an affair -with a man who claims to be a spy and who might need her help. The excitement of becoming a spy outweighs her sense of betrayal.

Just when she decides this, her husband Lord Keating becomes interested in her. She's never been able to resist him, but she's never been quite so angry with him.

When she leaves to meet her potential lover, he follows her. He can't believe the lies this man is telling his wife. And he outs himself as a spy. At first she doesn't believe him. The discovery happens at a garden party, where the enemy has come looking for Lord Keating.

Her anger deepens when she realizes the truth behind his absences and all the lies he's told over the years. Worse, his job as a spy has put herself and her daughters at risk. Lady Keating is swept up in the drama when she's kidnapped. Will her husband save her or will he neglect her like he's done for their entire marriage?
My Thoughts: A fantastic blend of thriller, humor, and romance; I devoured this book. I love seeing Lord and Lady Smythe again. I enjoyed Lady Keating's fierceness and her determination. I love how she threw herself into the mission, wanting to help.  I liked watching Lord Keating realize that he loved his wife after all and do what he could to win back her affections.  I can't wait to see what happens next with England's best agent! 

Cover Thoughts: I love it
Source: my Library

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