Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Naturals

At 17, Cassie has a talent for reading people. She knows who people are and what they want by looking at them. One day, a guy comes into a dinner and leaves a card behind.

It's a card for the FBI. They want to talk with her about joining a classified program with teens. When Cassie goes to chat with them, she knows that she wants to join. Just as she knows her extended family won't be very happy to hear the news. They aren't, but she makes it clear this is her choice.

More than anything she wants to help people who have had trauma in their lives - just like her. Cassie arrives out the safe house and meets her housemates. She starts working with Dean and agents on training and then looking at cold cases.

But a current case keeps coming back to them. There's a serial killer on the loose - a killer that might have ties to Cassie's mom. Cassie will do anything to help stop the killer - but is she in over her head?
My Thoughts: I'm sucker for crime dramas on TV and I love Jennifer Lynn Barnes' previous books - so clearly this book was an amazingly good read. I loved how Cassie read people. I wanted to know what she would think about me. I liked her big family, but understood her shyness around them. I felt horrible for Cassie - how she relives her nightmare over and over again. My heart breaks for what she went through. But I like her determination the help others.  I liked her new housemates - the banter between them, the snark, and the potential for romance. A creepy fun read that had me guessing until the very end. 

Cover Thoughts: Creepy and fabulous.
Source: My Library

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