Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holiday Thursday Review: Seaside Christmas

* Chesapeake Shores Series #10* 
After two years of staying away from Chesapeake Shores after her mother remarried, it's the only place Jenny turns to after her recent heartbreak.

A country superstar broke her heart when the news of him cheating on her broke. Now the song writer's back home nursing her heartbreak and helping her friend Bree. Bree (once friend, now cousin) is putting on a play and Jenny's busy writing holidays songs for it.

Jenny's always longed to be part of the O'Brien clan - but since that dream came true, she's felt like an outsider in the family. When Caleb arrives in town to win her back, she wonders if she can trust him or her new family with her fragile heart.
My Thoughts: I love the O'Brien series - they're a family full of love, loyalty, and meddling. I loved the Nashville angle of this addition to the series. I loved watching Jenny learn to open her heart and to find herself again. I loved the O'Brien family work their magic on her and slowly become part of her life. A sweet heart-warming tale that's perfect for the holiday season.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: my Library

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