Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Review Thursday: Take Me Home for Christmas

* Whiskey Creek series #5 *

Sophia hasn't had an easy life. She's made some mistakes in her past - mistakes that people in town still hold against her. She wakes up on what's supposed to be a romantic weekend trip, getting her marriage back on track, to discover her husband's missing.

Then the news comes that he's dead. At first she simply feels relief. Skip was a terrible, abusive husband. She feels sad for her daughter. Then all the details come out - how he got most of the town to invest in one of his projects and they lost all their money.

Sophia thought the townspeople only tolerated her before because of her money, but now they openly despise her. She's trying desperately to hold on to her life for the sake of her daughter. She knows thinks will change drastically, but she has know idea how much. 
My Thoughts: Wow, Brenda Novak has an amazing ability to create horrible situations for her characters making you care deeply about their happiness. I wasn't a huge fan of Sophia's before this book, but my heart aches for all she went though. I thought some of the Whiskey Creek people were simply horrid, unfeeling, and greedy. I love how Sophia struggled and wanted to make it on her own. I loved her determination to make her life and her daughter's life better. I liked watching Ted struggle, even though he wanted to help, he was conflicted about becoming emotionally involved. I thought most of the moments with Alexa and Ted added humor. I loved their Christmas celebration; it was heartfelt and sweet. I can't wait to read more of this series.

Cover Thoughts: Love It!
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