Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Roomies

Elizabeth opens an email with her room assignment for next year. She'll be living with Lauren, from San Francisco. Without thinking too much, she shoots Lauren off an email about packing, appliances, her father, and her excitement about Berkeley.

Lauren's response isn't very chatty. Elizabeth's trying to figure out if it's rude or just straightforward.

Lauren has a lot going on right now, but she feels the pressure to get a microwave as a peace offering for her emails. It's clear that Elizabeth wasn't thrilled with her response. Once she does, she writes back to Elizabeth - including a few details of her life - with a tiny explanation to the previous email.

That starts them emailing back and forth. Soon things in their lives are crumbling around them and they start relying on each other more and more. Will they be BFFs before college even starts?
My Thoughts: I read this book ages ago as I grabbed an ARC at book preview. I devoured it! I loved how LOand EB started off rocky, but grew to depend on each other for advice: family, friendship, and relationship. I love that it takes place during the summer before college. I love the email correspondence interspersed with the story. I felt bad for both girls and their family situations, but I like how it made them grow. A fantastic novel about moving on from high school and learning to embrace a new chapter in your life. 

Cover Thoughts: Love it!
Source: ARC from Little Brown

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Susan said...

My daughter will be going off to college next fall. This sounds like a good book for her-- and I might like to read it too!