Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo Tips

I've been writing for six years and I thought I'd share a little bit what I learned the past few years.

Plot - at least a little bit for each chapter so you know what's coming next. Get a notebook (I'm addicted to notebooks). Write out character details, chapter notes, or maps.

Word Count - create a personal word count and STICK to it! I use 2000 words/day because I know there are days I might take off. Also I want to finish before Thanksgiving - which is later in the month this year. Update your word count at the end of each day on the website - it makes you feel accomplished.

When Writing - After hitting your word count, leave off writing at place when you know what's going to happen next - this will make your next day SO much easier.

Environment - If you're some who can't work with quiet, play a little music in the background, something that gets your creative juices flowing, but that's not going to interfere with your writing.

Writer's Block - When you get stuck (and this WILL happen), talk about your story with someone. I usually talk my plot issues out with my husband and often he has some great ideas on where to go next - or he triggers something by asking questions of the story.

Perfection - Don't expect it, the point of this month is just to get words down on paper. There will be many more drafts as you polish it up. If you concentrate too hard on perfection, you won't get anywhere.

Have Fun - This is a fun event - don't get stressed out about it.

If you're writing this year, Good Luck, and friend me under YA Book Nerd:

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Unknown said...

Awesome!! This is going to be my first time I'm doing it and I can't wait!!

Thanks for the tips, especially on the daily word count thing.

Good luck :D