Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Poppy Lady

Veteran's Day holds a special place in my heart as I'm so thankful for all the Veteran's and their families who make sacrifices on a daily basis for our freedom.

I really loved this sweet book about Moina Bell Michael and her time during the war. She helped out with the Red Cross, talked with soldiers and collected things for the troops, She trained to become a canteern worker, but after completing the course was told that she was too old to do overseas. So she created a room for them to interact with each other and her. When she read the poem In Flanders Fields, she came up with an idea to create poppies. She created a poppy flower pin, which always wore. She created several more for men and women leaving for France.

When the war was over, she wanted to help the veterans who lost their jobs or who were struggling with lives. Moina thoughts groups should adopt the poppy as their flower. It look time, but eventually, it happened. Veterans started making and distributing poppies.

I loved this book for the history of the Poppy. It's a beautiful book both in text and pictures, simply perfect for Veteran's Day! My grandparents were all involved in World War II. My grandmother used to make poppies. My mother used to always buy them. Now I always stop and buy them too. My husband and I have several in our cars, as a reminder and a remembrance. 

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