Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adult Review: Through the Smoke

Rachel's trying desperately to make ends meet. Her father died leaving the book store in her hands. When her mother dies, Rachel can barely keep her head above water. It doesn't help matters that the Earl of Druridge comes asking her questions. She'll do anything she can to keep her younger brother happy and in good health.

He's desperate to find out who started the fire in his home that killed his wife and child. His marriage wasn't a happy one and many suspect that he set the fire himself. Lord Druridge needs to prove his innocence and he thinks that Rachel knows more that she's telling.

After a night of mistaken circumstances brings them together, their lives are forever changed. 
My Thoughts: I felt terrible for both characters as they struggled with their demons. I loved Rachel and admired her for the strength, her feisty spirit, her loyalty, her determination, and her willingness to put aside her happiness for those she loves. The horrors she went through deciding her fate made my heart ache; I just wanted her to be happy. I liked the Earl of Druridge. He had kindness in him, even after enduring all he did with his wife. There were men that made my skin crawl and moments where I was afraid for the characters. I liked reading about the plight of the workers in the coal mine - especially the outcome of it all. Very well done!  Novak has a knack for writing flawed characters that make me feel their heartache and make me root for their happiness.  

Cover Thoughts: I like it.
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