Sunday, September 1, 2013

Adult Review: Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe

Ellen's grandmother just died - in her arms. Her last words asked a favor from Ellen. She wants Ellen to deliver a letter to man from her past. Of course, Ellen agrees.

Soon, she's making the trip up to Maine. An attorney from Manhattan, she's used to city life and a schedule. Things don't go according to plan--at all.

The first day she arrives, she falls off a dock while taking a picture. She's rescued by a man. Shaken, she kisses him in gratitude. Someone captures the moment on camera and it's the headline of the paper the next morning.

Ellen can't believe this is happening to her. She's getting married in three months.  The longer she stays in Maine, the longer she begins to look at the world differently. She never knew her grandmother painted. She never knew much about her past. Ellen's finding more and more out about her grandmother than she ever thought possible. And in the process, finding more and more out about herself.
My Thoughts: I admit that the cover and the title hooked me first. But that was before I opened the book. I devoured this book. I loved the country life in Maine and the differences in life. I loved the descriptions of food, the local pub, and the small town charm. I loved driving down the back roads with Ellen and slowly uncovering more details about her grandmother's life. A fantastic debut that left me wanting more by Mary Simses - and quick!

Cover Thoughts: Fantastic - although I just noticed the heart on the window and love it just a little bit more.
Source: My Library - my co-workers and I have been talking about this book and so far, everyone's loved it.

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Katreader said...

This sounds like a great read. I have to find it now!