Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's topic is  Top 10 Contemporary Books That Would Be Great Paired With A Required Reading Book. This wasn't an easy topic for me. I kept thinking of retellings, and you'll see some of those in my list. I had a hard time thinking required reading books. 

Pride and Prejudice with Prom and Prejudice
Little Women with Mother-Daughter Book Club
Illiad with Nobody's Princess
Night with Boy in the Striped Pajamas or Book Thief
And Then There Were None with Ten
To Kill a Mocking Bird with Dangerous Girls
Count of Monte Cristo with This is W.A.R.
Sherlock Holmes with The Case of the Missing Marquess
House of Mirth with Luxe
North and South with A Countess Below Stairs


Anonymous said...

Great choices :-) I think they'd definitely bring up some interesting discussions.

Unknown said...

Inspired pairings! I particularly liked that you pairedTen with the book it was based on. Great list.