Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mini Review: Cool Creations in 35 Pieces

 The Good: A fantastic idea. I loved the variety of the creations from robots to animals to cities to furniture. I loved the creations - while it was a hard job picking out some favorites, I did it and they include: Space Shark, Intergalactic Capital, Electric Guitar, Camera, Steam Engine, Oogly, and Shocked Bunny. Great photos, funny names, and helpful instructions. There are not instructions for all of them, but figuring out how to build the other pieces is part of the fun. An interactive book that could provide hours of entertainment!

The Bad: I have an urge to build things with Lego and I have none in the house. A trip to the store might be in order.
Library Idea: Hold a Lego program and give everyone the same pieces. Have them all build something around a centered theme. Take pictures of all the various creations.

Source: Sent for Review

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