Sunday, September 8, 2013

Adult Review: Trouble with Love

 * Second book in the series - read my review of Fool for Love

Rocky's been keeping a secret from everyone for most of her adult life. Recently, she shared it with three people, but now she needs to tell her family. She's afraid her brother's going to go ballistic when he finds out she slept with his best friend.

When Rocky travels to New York City with Tasha to talk to the publisher of their Cupcake Lover's Book - she gets mugged and then hit by a car. She's forced to call Jayce.

Jayce drops everything - not that there's much to drop has he's planning to move back to Vermont. He just hasn't found the right time to tell her. Soon, history repeats itself.

Back in Vermont, Tasha warns the club of scandals. She doesn't want anything jeopardizing the book deal - but in a town this small, it's hard to keep a secret.
My Thoughts: I really love this series. I like the small town charm, the entertaining characters, and the romance. I love Jayce and the fact that he moved back to put his past behind him. My heart broke for his past and all he had to deal with as a child. I love Rocky's determination to make it on her own. I love her strength. I like her new potential career. I loved the addition of Brewster. I liked catching up with the former main characters and the other people in the town. It did seem like the fast track publishing happened too fast to be realistic, but the timeline needed to fit with the story.  I loved the opening of Moosea-a-lotta.  A fantastic addition to this charming Vermont setting series. 

Cover Thoughts: Love the fall scene
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