Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: The Haunted Lighthouse

 * Book 2 in the Code Busters series- read my review for Book 1 *

The club receives a mysterious message the night before a class field trip to Alcatraz.  The next morning, each of them finds a fourth of a note waiting for them outside their house. When they put the note together, it adds to the mystery.

Once on the island, they find the tour fascinating, especially when they're told the story about Diamond Dave - who supposedly drew a map to the location of diamonds he stole. The diamonds have never been recovered.

Once they hear that story, the club wonder if the diamonds are the mystery they're supposed to be solving. During their exploration time on the island, they visit the lighthouse looking for clues. Could they be on to something or is it a wild goose chase?
My Thoughts: I loved the setting of the book - the field trip to Alcatraz and hearing the stories of the island. I liked the treasure hunt through the city and how the club put together the clues. I loved the ending and Cody's father's involvement. I really like the different puzzles throughout the book - making it an interactive read.

Cover Thoughts: Love it.
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