Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Focus: Graphic Novels part 2

I talked about Graphic Novels and my feelings on them here. Jessica from I Read to Relax suggested Library Wars. So I read the first two and here are my thoughts:

The government has decided that books are dangerous. The libraries decide to fight the censorship (Perfect reading for Banned Book Week).  The local government helps by creating a military group to defend the freedom of reading.

Ever since Iku Kasahara had an incident with the government over reading and a young man rescued her book, she's dreamed of joining the force. Now, she's in training, but she's finding it hard to fit in and to stay out of trouble.

My Thoughts: I really liked these books, although I confess at times, I had trouble figuring out the different characters - especially the boy characters. I love the idea of fighting for the freedom to read. As a librarian, how could I not? Even though the characters took some getting used to and figuring out, I really enjoyed reading them and I'll keep reading.

Thanks Jessica for the recommendation! 

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